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St. Simon's IslandI’m Whitney and I’m hitting the road. After many requests, I am giving everyone the scoop. If you are interested in seeing an itinerary and details of my trip, please subscribe to my blog. I will give subscribers that are friends and family a password to access private pages with this information.

I will be continuing to work as a graphic designer and website developer while visiting other locations. This may keep me at many of my locations for longer than anticipated to meet a deadline. I work mostly on (I started WordPress before there was a .com and I find .com limiting). But hey, the user interface is mostly the same and I wanted this blog to be a part of a community, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

If you are interested in my services and would like to see my portfolio visit


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  1. So proud of your accomplishments and spirited attitude. Lots of love from your family goes with you as you travel out West. I look forward to keeping up with you via “whereiswhitney”. Blessing to you and God speed. Love Mom


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