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Lago di Como

It’s wonderful being hosted when traveling. I was so fortunate to have Kenneth invite me to visit and host me in Milan (Ciao Milano). When I travel, I like a more authentic exploration and having a local to guide you on your way is so helpful. After a while in Milan, Kenneth suggested I visit Como. He called the hostel and gave a reservation for me in Italian and also gave me thorough directions for the train.

Como was very very beautiful, but also very very touristy. It fulfills the very essence of wealthy resort. If someone was going to shoot a Vogue spread on resort wear, they would do it in Como… they probably already have. Well look here, Vogue actually did write an article about it a few months after I was there.  Later when I told some Canadians where all I had traveled, they accused me of stalking George Clooney. All I will say, is that I can’t help it if George and I happen to have the same distinguished tastes in vacationing and we just so happen to run into each other at some social event. Hahaha! Who am I kidding! I got to Como and checked in at the hostel!I walked a ton around the lake, there were so many gorgeous mansions and gardens. The next day I went and found a sunbathing spot on the lawn of a family’s cafe. The signs said “no swimming”, but I wasn’t the only one ignoring them. After swimming in the lake, I went to a giant fountain to play. Hahaha! It’s wonderful to be a kid again and jump around in a giant fountain! I decided that day though, that as nice and as beautiful as Como is, I was getting bored – I’m not a fan of the touristy, I like off the beaten path.

So I pulled up the hostel’s wifi and staked out my plan to find a beautiful Swiss swimming hole I pinned on Pinterest.


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