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Seeing Seattle

I booked a bed at the local American Hotel HI in the Asian side of Seattle. Being the friendly hostel veteran that I am, I quickly made friends with another solo traveler – a really sweet girl from Uruguay who was traversing the U.S. after her study abroad. We checked out a local noodle shop and then walked to the harbor. Next door to the hostel was also a dessert shop. It was so colorful that you just had to walk in. The shelves were lined with beautifully decorated cake slices of every flavor. The menu also included every kind of Boba Tea you could imagine.


The next day walked the city. Seattle is full of the most interesting stores. I visited a curiosity shop, an umbrella shop, a kilt store, a map store, a woman’s clothing store that specialized in 50’s looking attire. The weather was beautiful for Seattle’s standards, I don’t think it rained once while I was there.

I walked the famous Pike Place Market where the catch of the day mingled on ice next to local fruit. I bought some pears off a vender, who I had a long talk with. I also chatted with a violist performing on the street. He was also a wanderer. He told me of his adventures all through the U.S. and South American – living off of his violin.

I also was inspired by all the local art. Everywhere I looked there was some cool sculpture or window or craft for sale. I was applying for a window display exhibit for back when I was in Georgia. I collect miniatures and the exhibit required the art to incorporate books, so all the ideas were amazing!

My last day in town I met with the one person I know who lives in Seattle – Mr. 99%. We talked back when I was online dating. Curiosity gets ahold of you. Once I decided to look at the profiles of my highest matches in the U.S. and I was stunned to find out that while within my region, I couldn’t find anything higher than a 70% match, I had a 99% match on the complete and utter opposite side of the country.

He being able to see I had viewed his profile he asked if I truly lived in Georgia, or if he could take me to dinner. He couldn’t take me to dinner.  I decided to hit him up for lunch when I was in town. When’s the next time I’m going to be in Seattle?

We met for pizza on his lunch break. He’s a nice guy, a good conversationalist – but not my type at all. I already knew we were both really into the arts, well-read and libertarians. He’s a very active Lutheran, I’ve been a very active Methodist. But after you meet 99% you understand why the logic of a percentage based perfect mate is flawed.

Attraction doesn’t work that way. Compatibility doesn’t even work that way. People make check-lists of what they think they want, but they don’t know what they want. I don’t know what I want  – heck, I don’t even know what I need. Besides, don’t opposites attract, don’t opposites give each other what they don’t have and broaden each other’s experiences? After-all, stereotypes exist for a reason. The “good girl” likes the “bad boy”. She hears the voom of his motorcycle or the roar of his electric guitar and thinks… bad?… as in bad-ass! The timid finds the daring brave. The free-spirit feels secure with the planner. The quiet one is included by the extrovert.

Besides, I’ve been pretty happy with a local guy from the 60%ish range. It’s not what you are, it’s what you give. When we’re together he he gives me 100%.


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  1. The pig is gross. But everything else is fantastic!


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