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Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

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Pigeon Point LighthouseAbsolutely beautiful and relaxing, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel is located right over the cliffs from the beach. It is known for its hot tub overlooking the water. The view is amazing. I enjoyed eating dinner and having a few beers with some of the other hostellers. I met lots of interesting people: a lady from the area, coming back after a long time, two guys bicycling the coast and some girls from Europe. Flowers grew all along the cliffs. I heard that many of the flowers are actually non-native and that they were planted there to prevent erosion. It was breathtaking.

I took a drive to Big Sur, as everyone who’s ever been to California it seems told me I HAD to go to Big Sur. I will say for the future, that while the drive down the coastal highway was absolutely beautiful, I had good reasons for not originally planning to see Big Sur and I would’ve had more available funds for my upcoming locations if I had not taken their advice. I knew I was going to be driving the 101 further north and I figured the landscape would be similar. It is. Big Sur is an interesting place. An isolated long forgotten looking rock sits by the ocean housing the Point Sur Lighthouse. The drops in the area from the cliffs are very large. It’s better to travel with someone, so you can take turns looking out the window.

I ended up very hungry, so I stopped at this very nice Rocky Point Restaurant, where I had an excellent view and treated myself to food better than I had had in a long time. Definitely a get-away.


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