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Lake Tahoe

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I drove up to the Lake Tahoe area from Bishop, California. My cousin used to work at Lake Tahoe, and I had to check it out for myself after hearing such good things.

The first natural wonder I stumbled upon was Mono Lake. From a distance I was in awe of the beautiful colors reflecting off the water and interested in the strange formations coming up from the water. I found out that the water in Mono Lake is actually really salty, saltier than the ocean. I walked up to the edge, it had an alkaline smell. Gulls hang out and nest there before making their way to the Pacific on little islands of rock in the lake.

I found a free boon-docking spot near Lake Tahoe, so I followed my directions to find it. It was in an area where the rivers run through meadows in the valley next to the wooded mountains. That meadow area I still look back to fondly as one of the most beautiful places on my trip. It almost didn’t look real, it was so pretty. Unfortunately for me though the camping spot had been claimed by another person more prompt than myself, so I had to drive up into the mountains and get ripped off by an overly bright campground. I can’t sleep with too much artificial light, so though there are facilities, I’m a pretty grumpy person.

The next day, I headed over to see Lake Tahoe. The lake was crystal clear and the weather was sunny. The only people around were employees getting ready for the approaching summer season. I sat on the dock for a while and watched them pull out the swimming buoys and clean boats.

My cousin suggested plenty of places to hike, but I was restless. I knew I wanted to move on that day. I set up shop in The Getaway Cafe, asked for a table near an outlet and ordered the best eggs benedict.


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  1. Whitney,
    Your journal never ceases to inspire. You left Texas just in time. It is 105 today aand I dream of escaping like yourself. Maybe Big Bend next year. Stay in touch.


    • Thanks Bill!

      I did hit Texas just at the right time of the year. I didn’t really think about it, but I’ve had pretty perfect weather everywhere. Yes, maybe Big Bend next year, I most definitely want to explore more of Texas.



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