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I pulled around to the workshop behind a hotel for the maintenance man to help me fill my tires with air. The weather in the desert really takes a toll on tire pressure. He said, “You’re travelin’ by yourself? Go get yourself  a little somethin’ to eat in Roswell and fill up for gas. After you get through town there won’t be nothin’.” I didn’t think he literally meant “nothin'”. I thought there would certainly be a tree or two, maybe an abandoned building, maybe a lone gas station…. nope. There was nothing after Roswell for three hours. Not even a tree. I couldn’t pick up a radio station.

I drove and drove listening to the three CD’s I had in the car over and over again. I was so happy when I finally came to this little town where I could fill up for gas and grab a hamburger at a diner. I reached Santa Fe in the dark relieved that I was no longer on the road!

The Diner

The Diner

Most of my time in Santa Fe was spent in the hostel. I was swamped with work and worked most of the time I was in town. This hostel had some positives like an informative staff and lots of free food. It also had some negatives that involved the behavior of certain guests.

I was so happy to meet up with someone from the Couchsurfing community my last day in town. Valerie was very sweet, she took me to El Santuario de Chimayo and on a hike. I wish that they allowed photos in the church. It had the most colorful and whimsical folk art decorating the inside. It was beautiful up on the mountain and watching people pilgrimage to the site. This church has an area filled with holy dirt, famous for its healing properties.

I was surprised to find ice on the water when we were hiking. The weather feels really warm, but things are still frozen. Colorado was this same way. I still don’t understand it. I left for Colorado that day.


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